Golden Jubilee Research Institute Research Governance

All research projects hosted by the Golden Jubilee Research Institute – irrespective of funder or sponsor – are subject to research governance review and approval. The purpose of this process is to ensure:

  • Proper governance of research. This provides an assurance that the public can have confidence in, and benefit from, quality research in health and community care; and
  • High scientific, ethical and financial standards, transparent decision-making processes, clear allocation of responsibilities and robust monitoring arrangements.

Research Governance is based on the following documents:

The Golden Jubilee is currently developing a Research Quality Framework to support the research governance agenda. This will include:

  1. Formal checking that the research team’s study files are in order. These files should include all essential documents and provide a means of recording screening and recruitment activities. Files will be checked just after a Golden Jubilee approval letter is issued and before recruitment commences.
  1. Study monitoring. This activity relates to monitoring and recording day-to-day changes in projects. The two critical elements are recruitment numbers and changes in projected end dates for recruitment and for all study activities. This is done for all actively recruiting studies on a monthly basis.
  1. Study auditing. This activity relates to in depth auditing of research projects. It includes checking that the Informed Consent procedure is carried out in line with the approved ethics application, that the correct version of each document is used, that data used for research purposes has a identifiable source and that data is entered into the Clinical Research Form (normally an e-CRF) in line with the requirements of the sponsor
  1. Ongoing study review. The metrics obtained from 2 and 3 above inform study review meetings which take place every month. Meetings include the Golden Jubilee Research Advisory Group, Senior Research Nurse Meetings, and individual research team meetings. Meeting outcomes feed into the Golden Jubilee Research and Development Steering Group which meets 4 times each year.

Once fully drafted, the framework will be circulated for consultation and review by relevant stakeholders. The anticipated implementation date is the 2nd April 2016.

Research Governance – Further Information

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