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Our Corporate Objectives

Our corporate objectives support our vision to lead quality, research and innovation. These have been aligned to the Local Delivery Plan (LDP) and Health Efficiency Access Treatment (HEAT) targets and other local and strategic priorities.

Our Board Strategic Direction for NHSScotland

  • Review and refresh 2020 Board Strategy.

  • Progress the NHSS 2020 Vision for Health and Social Care.

  • Finalise business case for NHSScotland Strategic Capacity project.

  • Increase collaborations with strategic partners including Academia, Local Authorities, third sector and industry.

  • Actively influence all work programmes of NHSScotland Guiding Coalition, in particular the National Clinical Strategy.


Board 2020 Vision of Leading Quality, Research and Innovation

  • Accelerate and ensure sustainability of our programme of continuous quality improvement.

  • Continue to grow international and national research portfolio and reputation.

  • Ensuring sustainable focus on innovation throughout all aspects of the Golden Jubilee Foundation.


Safe/Clinical Governance

  • Ensure robust Clinical Governance and Risk Management.

  • Maintain continuous improvement in patient safety.

  • Develop framework for measuring and ensuring excellence of clinical outcomes.

  • Delivery of Healthcare Associated Infection Programme.


Person Centred /Staff Governance

  • Ensure excellence of Staff Governance.

  • Continuously improve Patient Experience.

  • Deliver the Person Centred Health and Care Programme.

  • Implement the NHSScotland 2020 Workforce Strategy to deliver our Board vision.

Effective/ Financial Governance

  • Delivery of Board Financial Plan.

  • Establish robust financial governance for innovation.

  • Maximise effective use of Board resources and assets.

Patient Access

  • Ensure delivery of:

    • 18 week Referral to Treatment Time and 12-week Treatment Time Guarantee in line with the Patient Rights Act.

    • Cancer Treatment (31 day standard).

  • Pro-active planning to support delivery of NHSScotland priorities.

  • Effective planning and management of ongoing expansion.

  • Explore and implement opportunities for innovative patient access and treatment pathways.


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