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Quality Framework

Over the last few years we have developed a unique Quality Framework that provides assurance that safe, effective, person centred care is our top priority and delivered at all times. This has been integrated into our everyday working and thinking. In summary, our Quality Framework is focused on three key business areas:

  • Board Governance – through all the work the Board is involved in with for example review and realignment of Board Agenda, Committees, the development of the Board Vision and Values and alignment of our Local Delivery Plan, Corporate Scorecard, Corporate Objectives etc in line with the NHS Scotland Quality Strategy and Ambitions.
  • Quality indicators – through the development of our range of visual and interactive indicators displayed on our dashboards, eg – clinical outcomes, patient experience, staff values, performance and public expectations all of which links together into our overall Board Quality Dashboard.
  • The Indicators were developed as a key tool to allow:
    • Triangulation of key quality indicators with the most up to date information
    • Analysis of the quality of care across all levels of the Board in as near real time as possible
    • Early warning of actual or potential declining standards of care
    • In depth scrutiny of Quality, Values, Operational, Staff and Financial Performance at all senior/divisional/clinical meetings, Governance Committees and the Board.
  • Values based Workforce – through our leadership programmes and developing framework, values based recruitment process, values measurements and staff performance indicators.

This digital application would offer customers an opportunity to have a product that would suit their own business needs allowing for link alerts and quality triggers, business analytics and that could also be used for predictive analysis.

Customers have the option to have access to the whole Quality Framework covering the three business areas of Governance, Indicators and Workforce or the option of choosing one or two of the individual areas of work.

Interested in our Quality Framework?

Contact our Communications Department on 0141 951 5073/5195/5175, email

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