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Proven track record

The pioneering team at the Golden Jubilee National Hospital has been pivotal in leading ground-breaking surgery for heart disease and complex orthopaedic hip and knee replacements, as well as introducing different ways of delivering anaesthesia and providing interventional cardiology.

Past successes include:

  • Pioneering 'Enhanced Recovery' for patients undergoing hip and/or knee replacements, allowing them to be mobile on the same day as their surgery, and creating the lowest length of stay for these procedures.
  • Replacing a patient's heart valve through a vein in his leg, avoiding the need for open heart surgery;
  • Implanting Ventricular Assist Devices (VADs) – also known as artificial hearts – into patients with advanced heart failure, giving patients the time they need until their own heart recovers or a transplant becomes available; and
  • Developing Scotland's first ever training course for doctors on single lung ventilation using a patient simulator. This event now takes place regularly on site.
  • Developing an innovative programme which allows medical students, trainee doctors and clinicians to practice surgical techniques on 3D models and animations. In the future, it could also be used to help patients understand their diagnosis and treatment options, through seeing a visual representation of what their treatment will involve.
  • Investing in Information Technology and wireless internet access means that patient data capture has never been simpler, allowing for improved decision making and outcomes for patients
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