Golden Jubilee Research Institute Facilities

The Golden Jubilee Research Institute, formally known as the Beardmore Centre for Health Science, is an established medical research hub, housing the Research and Development Office, most of the research support group in dedicated office space, a Clinical Research Facility and a Clinical and Surgical Skills training area.

Clinical Research Facility

The Clinical Research Facility provides researchers with the space, equipment and resources necessary to conduct high quality medical research in an environment designed to respect the patient’s safety, wellbeing and privacy.

The Clinical Research Facility includes:

  • A dedicated patient waiting area;
  • Office space that is available to medical research project auditors/ monitors;
  • Fully equipped outpatient consulting rooms that can be organised to suit individual project requirements;
  • Secure storage room for project files and project-specific consumables; and
  • A sample preparation room.

The Clinical Research Facility has a dedicated Health Care Support Worker who maintains equipment stock levels, ensures that the Facility is fit for clinical study purposes and assists the Research Nurses when necessary.

Activities that take place within the Clinical Research Facility include:

  • Outpatient visits mandated by research study protocol;
  • Ad-hoc/short notice outpatient visits requested by patients recruited to research studies;
  • Specimen sampling, storage and transfer to diagnostic laboratories;
  • On-site laboratory;
  • Exercise tolerance testing;
  • Access to a dedicated clinical trials pharmacist; and
  • Project monitoring.

All medical research projects using the facility will already have been approved by the Research and Development Office.

Clinical and Surgical Skills Training Facility

The Clinical and Surgical Skills training facility provides a high quality tailored environment for the delivery of both clinical and general training to all healthcare professionals.

The facility is available to external agencies for healthcare training activities including the use of organs of animal origin (e.g. pig hearts for cardiothoracic training) and synthetic bones (e.g. knees and limbs for orthopaedic training).

Our facilities include:

  • Four training rooms, three of which are suited to clinical and nursing training events and one corporate theme;
  • A patient simulator;
  • Live links to cardiac catheterisation labs and to cardiac and orthopaedic theatres; and
  • Surgical skills room with six theatre-style platforms, one central platform for the presenter and a preparation room with storage refrigerators and a transition area to allow delegates to change from outdoor clothing.

Medical Research at Golden Jubilee Research Institute

For further information on medical research at the Golden Jubilee Research Institute, visit our Research Projects and Teams here. Find out more information on using our facilities for medical education.


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