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Our Board Meetings

The Golden Jubilee Foundation Board meets approximately every six weeks to discuss organisational activity and key issues. All meetings take place on a Thursday, starting at 10am.

Agendas and papers will be published on our website on the Monday before the meeting. Please note that all papers are embargoed until 12.30pm on the day of the meeting.

Our Board Meetings are held in public, which means that any member of the public or press can attend and observe them.

Our Board also has a private session to consider agenda items which are confidential and cannot be discussed in public. All members of the public and press will be excluded from the private meeting.

Contributing to our Board meetings

At the Chair's discretion, members of the public may:

  • may be invited to comment during proceedings;
  • have an opportunity to ask questions or make comments at the end of the meeting; and
  • have any pre-submitted questions answered (questions must be emailed to by the Monday before the meeting to be considered).

If you wish to attend a meeting, please contact:
Board Support Team
Communications and Corporate Affairs Department
Telephone: 0141 951 5195/5175


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