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In 2015, the Golden Jubilee Foundation was announced as the new name for the family of facilities made up of the Golden Jubilee National Hospital, Research Institute, Innovation Centre and Conference Hotel.

Since becoming part of NHSScotland in June 2002, the Foundation has worked with NHS Organisations and the Scottish Government to provide the highest possible quality of care for patients in key specialities from all across Scotland, ensuring they are treated within the Treatment Time Guarantee.

The Act of Parliament which created the organisation allowed for the formation of an overarching Board, responsible for setting our strategic direction, monitoring our performance against objectives and ensuring high standards of corporate governance. It has its own committee structure and can delegate responsibilities to these as it considers fit.

This Act allows the appointment of up to 14 members: six Executive Directors and eight Non-Executive Directors. This also includes a Chair and Employee Director.

Members are personally and corporately accountable for their actions and decisions. They also scrutinise plans and proposals and hold the Chief Executive and Senior Management Team (SLT) to account.They are also responsible for ensuring that we are continuing to progress our 2020 Vision to lead Quality, Research and Innovation on behalf of the NHS in Scotland.

For more information, contact our Support Team on 0141 951 5195 or email

Golden Jubilee Foundation Logo
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