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Welcome to The Golden Jubilee Foundation

The Golden Jubilee Foundation is unique within the NHS. A national institution, independently run by its own NHS Board, the Golden Jubilee Foundation is helping to re-define the concept of the public hospital, with a vision of “Leading Quality, Research and Innovation” for NHSScotland.

Set in a modern, purpose built environment the facility combines a top quality hospital with hotel, and conference facilities and centres for research, clinical skills and innovation. This integrated approach, with a focus on continuous learning and strong links to academia and industry, creates a crucible for innovation and a vibrant network for the spread of learning and best practice.

The Foundation is the family of facilities which includes the Golden Jubilee National Hospital, Conference Hotel, Research Institute and Innovation Centre.  

Our patient-led approach to healthcare encourages an ethos that is open, questioning and participative; everyone is encouraged to speak out and be actively involved in the quest for continuous improvement and innovation.

For further information on the Golden Jubilee Foundation, email or call our Communications Department on 0141 951 5073/5195/5175.

Board Meeting

Our next Board Meeting takes place on Thursday 9 May 2019 at 10am. If you would like to attend, please email or call 0141 951 5195 / 5175. 

Golden Jubilee Foundation Logo
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